TRON: Legacy

TRON: Legacy ★★★★

"Do you know Jules Verne?"

Rewatched for an upcoming podcast episode on movies we love more than everybody else seems to. Needed to make sure I still like it as much as I remembered.

I do.

I'm just so charmed with how earnest it is. It takes a very specific kind of big action special effects blockbuster to interrupt its plot in order to have a main character describe a sunrise, only to later double down on this overblown emotional beat by ending the movie with a callback to it, as if no one had ever used a sunrise to represent beauty before.

I'll give Tron: Legacy the full Screening Notes treatment soon (probably after the podcast), but if you're hungry for some fan love, check out this article I did a couple years ago about the differences and similarities between Legacy and the original Tron.

End of line.

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