Thor: The Dark World ★★

Post-WandaVision Marvel Rewatch

A profound non-entity of a movie. It does absolutely nothing with the potential of Odin's inheritance anxiety, his frustration that he has one son who wants the throne too much and one son who doesn't want it at all, and instead it makes him feel like an entirely different character from the rest of the franchise. It dodges what could have been an interesting internal conflict of Thor being forced to symbolically choose between the women in his life, the available guilt from his choice to bring Jane to Asgard coincidentally causing his mother's death. It wastes Natalie Portman so egregiously that it feels as if they must have been intentionally writing her out of the script to save money or avoid scheduling conflicts. A hollow nothing.

But! watching Thor: The Dark World back to back with The Avengers highlights just how great it looks. It doesn't merely hide the special effects well, it genuinely has a consistent and (for me at least) attractive visual aesthetic. Kevin Feige jams these things so full of subplots and side characters from the comics that I never would've thought it possible to make a style-over-substance Marvel movie, but, uh… well, here it is.

2013 | MCU | Comic Books
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