The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

David Fincher Ranked

Aaron Sorkin's ability to write snappy dialogue is really unparalleled. It brings me back to quick-talking detectives like Bogart's Philip Marlowe and MacMurray's Walter Neff. With the excellent writing and the clear-eyed direction from David Fincher I find it unlikely that Eisenberg, Garfield and Hammer will be able to easily shake off the residue of these performances. Some of the tracking shots are beautiful, the visual aesthetic is consistent and evocative, and the editing is well paced and classy (especially the use of parallel editing both in general—between invention and prosecution—and in particular—between coding and partying). The movie also attempts quite successfully to capture the identity of a generation in the conflict of its protagonist, perhaps its greatest accomplishment.

Damn there's a lot of product placement though. I guess you don't get to a 40 million dollar budget without making a few advertisements.

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