Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne ★★

I never thought there would be a world in which this franchise brings back Matt Damon and still manages to be worse than Bourne Legacy, but here we are (no shade on Jeremy Renner, I just thought that his movie slowly fell apart over the course of its run time). Despite their place at the heart of U.S. governance and state power, these movies have never really been about national identity or contemporary geopolitics, so it's particularly puzzling why Jason Bourne decides to clumsily confront the security concerns of everything from Snowden to Google and Facebook. Throw in a brand new element of Something Bourne Doesn't Know About Himself (daddy issues, that's a new one!), and that's about all this film has on its mind. And if this were just an empty action vehicle that would be fine (Supremacy and Ultimatum felt that way to me, and I liked them well enough), but then there has to be something else going on and there just isn't. Alicia Vikander is easily the best part of the movie, and there are some cool shots that I'm glad I saw on the big screen, but overall I was quite disappointed.

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