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This review may contain spoilers.

Definitely a thrilling experience at the theatre today with this one! The newest entry in the Scream series is exciting, fun and just an overall rewarding experience for fans who have watched the other five films. Our crowd was small but it was still tense as ever and many people were jolting at all the right terror beats. What a time!

As my buddy said when we were leaving the theatre, the opening was a whole vibe. It might be my favourite of the Scream cold open sequences, perhaps only seconds to the original.

The Carpenter sisters, fresh off surviving Scream (2022) have left Woodsboro for the bustling Big Apple. When they aren’t dodging giallo cinema obsessed Ghostface wannabes (yeah, love it!) or douche bag party bros, they’re chilling with the Meeks-Martin siblings, niece and nephews to Randy from the original Scream Trilogy, as well as other new friends. Soon, the ghost face killings begin to occur again, with Sam again at the heart of the stabbings in a whirlwind of conspiratorial controversy.

The characters in the movie feel quite fleshed out! Scream 6’s directing team, Radio Silence, effectively builds on the newly established core lore, by expanding the connection between Sam Carpenter and her father Billy Loomis, the original 96 Ghostface killer. In this vein, the film properly embraces commentary on conspiracy theory internet culture. It feels appropriate here given how Sam slashed apart her ex-boyfriend killer in part 5 and the social media getting ahold of this knowledge.

One of the most well executed parts of this horror film is the new setting! Manhattan is used very well in this one as a backdrop for the murders (Jason eat your heart out). I’m personally very happy that we’ve stepped out of Woodsborrow to slash elsewhere. There are great sequences, like where ghostface takes the killing to the subway and another pulse pounding scene where he attacks a NYC convenience store! The former of which has subway patrons dressed as Pinhead, Freddy, among other monstrous individuals, while the latter is just a very well-shot action heavy slashing scene! The action and horror here are on point! While personally I think the kills in the previous movie were superior, this movie is basically improved in every other way. There is also this setting at a movie theatre in the last act. Wow! Really well done and filled with nods to the other Scream chapters!

Courtney Cox’s Gale Weathers is back, returning to her old ways, writing and profiting from the legacy killings in “Scream 5.” If I had to give a negative, I would say that I thought Gale had kind of moved on from this as a character trait, or at least as this role in the stories. But, it’s not too big of a deal. With Dewey down (weep) she seems to fit naturally into the role again, which of course creates some tension for Sam. And Fuck! We both thought they were going to kill her off in the scene where she goes toe to toe with Ghostface in her high rise apartment!! Another great scene! Also nice to see Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby back here as an FBI agent. A bit weird that they just explained away Sydney not back, but I thought the line of “She deserves her happy ending,” was a very touching and fitting send off. Goodbye Neve.

Scream 6 is a film that pulls that knife out of the last corps, wipes it off, and sharpens that fuckin’ blade! This is a solid sequel from start to finish! I felt the movie drag for maybe 1 scene. Definitely recommended to horror fans. Go check it out if you can at the cinema, it’s quite the time! 4/5 🌃 🔪🩸

As a fun side note, when we got home, there was a very creepy individual who seemed high on something rough (good ol’ Toronto) holding his face in his black gloves as we approached the house. As my sister approached the house to come home I called her about this… individual. Last we saw, he was still out there, stoic in the street. Not taking calls tonight 🚫📞😉

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