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  • Thanksgiving



    Every weapon he's using is straight off a Thanksgiving table.”

    16 years after Eli Roth brought us the hilariously demented trailer Thanksgiving as a part of the Tarantino and Rodriguez Grindhouse double feature, we have a full bodied bloody feature from the sick minds of Roth and screenwriter Jeff Rendell. And if Hobo with a Shotgun and Machete are anything like this, I’ll need to check them out, because this was a fun, well carved slasher! 

    Some Seasoned Spoilers Ahead 🦃  


  • Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair

    Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair


    Had the pleasure to watch the complete version of Kill Bill, known as The Whole Bloody Affair. It’s a  mega cut of both parts as it was originally intended to be shown, one massive movie in all it’s bloody samurai slashing, kung-fu chopping, spaghetti western vibing, showdown of a vengeance tale!! If it’s one thing I can say about this version, it’s that it really feels like an EPIC film in the true sense of the word.

    I’ve seen several…

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  • Waterloo



    I did not usurp the crown, I found IT LYING IN THE GUTTER!!!” - Rod Steiger’s Napoleon

    Riding that Ridley Scott Napoleon hype train a little bit here, and it’s a few days until get to see it As such, decided to check out Soviet director Sergei Bondarchuck’s epic take on the last chapter of Napoleon’s leadership in Europe, known to history as ‘the 100 days’. 

    Banger cast!! All your favourite historical characters are here, from your Napoleons to your…

  • Madhouse



    Cult Challenge 2023
    October 8 - 14 (Late Season Catch Up!!)
    Week 42, Elvira’s Movie Macabre

    I’ll say that this ain’t the worst Amicus film I’ve seen, definitely a step up from The House that Dripped Blood, (which I saw in October). With a pretty strong cast and some concepts that feel ahead of their time, this one is worth a look for classic horror fans I think.

    First and foremost, our cast! Vincent Price was the star of this…

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  • Machete



    Grindhouse (2007) fake trailer spin-off kick I guess. This one has been kickin’ around on my watchlist for awhile is thought I’d finally check it out. I like Rodriguez, as a kind of wanna be south of the border Tarantino, but this one… hmm… yeah I got thoughts for sure lol.

    Definitely has that particular Robert Rodriguez style and some very fun & funny moments throughout here. I literally laughed out loud at one of the Lindsay Lohan lines near the end.…

  • The Killer

    The Killer


    I’ve been meaning to watch more David Fincher films. Relatively unfamiliar with his work, as I’ve only seen Se7en, Alien 3 (Ughh) and The Social Network. So this one definitely got me interested recently…

    Unfortunately, I actively wanted to enjoy this more than I did. As I was watching I couldn’t scratch the feeling that it’s just kind of a pretty average picture for me.
    Many of the trademarks of what should make a great film are here. A fairly…