A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story ★★★★★

The idea that a person in a sheet with two eyeholes could represent something transcendently mournful about humanity seems ridiculous, but that's exactly what writer/director David Lowery pulls off in this breathtaking work. It's best to go in mostly blind regarding plot details; suffice it to say that a married couple (Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara) is involved, along with the aforementioned linens-clad spectre haunting their home. But the mostly dialogue-free narrative brings a majestically Zen sensibility to the notion of attachment to places, the inability to move on from tragedy, and how we try to make sense of the purpose of anything in the face of our own mortality. Them's some heady ideas, and the fact that it's mostly dead serious—save for a couple of hilariously terse exchanges when ghosts encounter one another—is bound to leave some viewers reaching for what it all means, or if it's all just a big ponderous joke. But this is one of those achievements that reminds you of the unique power film can have to move through time and space, employing brilliantly concise edits to convey the passage of days and years, exploring our connection to music and places through memory, even exploring existential terror. It's absolutely haunting—and not just because of the person in the sheet with two eyeholes.

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