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  • L'Atalante
  • The New World
  • Lost in Translation
  • The Young Girls of Rochefort

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  • Babylon

  • Return to Seoul

  • EO

  • Empire of Light

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  • Film Socialisme

    Film Socialisme

    I respect Godard in theory for the limited-subtitles approach but sorry man I liked this way more with the full subtitles on

  • She Said

    She Said

    Finds innumerable small details to flesh out its information-packed script - about working-mom balance especially, but even simpler stuff like taking calls in the middle of New York, shitty Skype connections, a dropped cup of coffee, accidental outfit matching, the draw of celebrity photographs - that really makes this sing. The actors respond accordingly, giving slight expressions that tell a whole story boiling just under the surface of what we see, one that only occasionally bursts free. Schrader's last film,…

Popular reviews

  • La Flor

    La Flor

    Still wrapping my head around it critically, but I want to answer some non-spoilery questions that I myself had going into it.

    God no. It is pointedly - as in, specified within the film itself - designed to be watched on three separate days, in three separate parts. Episode 1 and 2 the first day, Episode 3 the second, and Episodes 4-6 the third. You could make a case that it works…

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake

    First, the bad - David Robert Mitchell not listen to his own music or something? Gotta crib exclusively from other movies like this one? Poor form.

    Second, an admission - almost every element of this movie is completely in my wheelhouse; an awful version of this would still be at least halfway appealing.

    Third, a conclusion - I was all about this thing from the jump. It picks away at the way young men in this town chase women, fame,…