• That Demon Within

    That Demon Within

    This is a bit of a mess. It starts out as one kind of movie, then slowly drifts into being a different kind of movie, and it never really connects.

    Dave is a policeman who, despite 17 years on the force, seems singularly ill-suited to the job. Emotionally stunted, he's been demoted to manning the police kiosk in a hospital. One night Hon, also known as "Demon King" and the leader of a cult of bank robbers, stumbles into the…

  • The Monkey King

    The Monkey King

    Guess who's seen the recent Clash of the Titans remakes? The biggest addition to established mythology here is a demon king so blatantly based on Hades they might as well cast Ralph Fiennes instead of Aaron Kwok.

  • Passion


    There's something oddly reassuring about the fact that De Palma is still making giallos decades after they fell out of fashion, and that they're still crappy, illogical, and, of course, misogynistic.