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  • Brazil
  • Godzilla
  • A Taxing Woman's Return
  • The Killer

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  • The Bullet Train


  • The Wandering Earth II


  • RRR


  • The Lair


Recent reviews

  • That Demon Within

    That Demon Within

    This is a bit of a mess. It starts out as one kind of movie, then slowly drifts into being a different kind of movie, and it never really connects.

    Dave is a policeman who, despite 17 years on the force, seems singularly ill-suited to the job. Emotionally stunted, he's been demoted to manning the police kiosk in a hospital. One night Hon, also known as "Demon King" and the leader of a cult of bank robbers, stumbles into the…

  • The Monkey King

    The Monkey King

    Guess who's seen the recent Clash of the Titans remakes? The biggest addition to established mythology here is a demon king so blatantly based on Hades they might as well cast Ralph Fiennes instead of Aaron Kwok.