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  • Black Pit of Dr. M

  • The Vampire's Coffin

  • The Vampire

  • The Witch's Mirror

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  • Black Pit of Dr. M

    Black Pit of Dr. M

    Mendez carved out some interesting territory as a Mexican gothic stylist with his VAMPIRO films but he really topped himself with this delightful creepfest. The script is an inspired blend of mad scientist story as morality play with a tale of supernatural justice that closes the gap between Poe and E.C. Comics. Bertrand anchors it beautifully with a charismatic performance as an arrogant doctor whose facade gets chipped away at by karmic payback for his wicked ways and Ancira also…

  • The Vampire's Coffin

    The Vampire's Coffin

    An interesting if not entirely satisfying sequel to EL VAMPIRO. The script continues the main characters from the first film but lacks the interesting themes about family, going for more of a standard 'monster on the loose' plot. The narrative's a little ragged around the edges - there are too many scenes of Salazar either trying to convince people the vampire is real or keep information from other characters - but it opens and closes with fun setpieces where the…

Popular reviews

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix

    Watched this for the first time since its original release and the experience was bittersweet. It's the probably the last original genre blockbuster film that will be produced in my lifetime and definitely the last time anything this subversive could become the heart of mainstream culture. It's also the ultimate "everything movie," i.e. a movie where the filmmakers synthesize every single thing they love (Hong Kong action, cyberpunk, androgyny, superheroic ideals) into one big Dagwood sandwich of a film. Reeves…

  • The Blob

    The Blob

    Consider this the scrappy lil' bro counterpart to the remakes of THE THING and THE FLY. It's more scaled toward the popcorn audience than either of those two films, combining state-of-the-art monster and makeup FX with moments of large-scale action to create an array of setpieces that will make you gasp and squirm: look out for moments involving a restaurant sink, a phone booth and a car on lover's lane. However, there's more thematic bite under the Fangoria fun than…