Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

“It’s a weird case from the start.”

Unsurprisingly, Knives Out is just as entertaining and smart as all of the rave reviews suggest. Sometimes mass acclaim is hit or miss, but given the fact that it’s a Rian Johnson joint and the cast is absolutely ridiculous, it’s tough to imagine a reality where this movie would flop. The scenes between Ana de Armas and Christopher Plummer are great - they had such an interesting dynamic together and there would be no complaints on my end if we had another 30+ minutes of interaction between the two of them. Now let’s talk about Daniel Craig - what a fun performance! The scene where he completely owns Chris Evans is satisfying on so many levels, and the editing there is really fun and well-executed. Of course, Rian Johnson deserves a lot of the credit and has yet again crafted a strong genre film that somehow manages to meet and subvert expectations at the same time. I really can’t wait to watch this again and might even rewatch it later tonight just for fun. My House!!! My Rules!!! My Coffee!!!

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