Three Thousand Years of Longing

Three Thousand Years of Longing ★★★★

More than anything, a tremendous showcase for the transportive imagination of George Miller, a filmmaker whose penchant for epic world-building is matched only by his ability to tell the stories about the people existing within those worlds. And this movie is indeed about the very art of telling stories. But Miller is not content to simply sweep us away with the lovingly crafted fairy tales of Idris Elba’s Djin, he wants to explore whether one can be satiated simply by fantasy, or whether there remains a part of all of us that can only be satisfied by tangible companionship. The answer may not be the one that you expect or the one that the film’s fairy tale framing suggests, but as Tilda Swinton’s opening narration tells us, this was never a fairy tale to begin with. This was real.

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