Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ★★★½


Before I actually review, I’m going to philosophise for a bit. 

Okay this may be a massive shock to anyone who knows me but I think I may now stop saying I hate Marvel movies. Now I’m not going to say I like them quite yet, this is a very big step for me and I’m not quite ready to be saying a statement I thought I would never say. I think it’s not that I like Marvel movies, I think that they’re enjoyable if you allow yourself to enjoy them. For example, with this film I enjoyed it and had a lot of fun with it but did I notice imperfections and do I connect with a big budget CGI piece? No no I do not but the enjoyment factor and the epic factor allowed me to let go of those notions because I decided to. You get my drift here? 

Now actually talking about the film. It is just so cool. It’s genuinely got good comedic moments and the fight scenes and conflict are just too good for you not to be completely gripped by. Technically (not including the CGI!) it’s pretty decent as well with a really good score and funky camerawork (sometimes a bit too sharp but nothing too horrific). I also did just really like the characters, they had clear motives and character traits that allowed you to engage in their part of the story so you can’t argue there. Also the actor who plays Xialing went to my drama school so obviously I loved watching her. To be honest, Shang-Chi’s Dad does just have this stereotypical “oh I’m sad and I want to avenge my wife and that’s my only character trait” thing going on but I’ll list that as one of the things I’m now choosing to blissfully ignore in order for me to take enjoyment in what I’m watching. I’m sorry but Ben Kingsley’s character was my favourite, I burst out laughing every time he said something and oh him and Morris what a pair! If the fighting wasn’t so cool that pairing would have been my favourite aspect of the film so take that as you will! 

Overall, I think this is 100% worth seeing whether you like Marvel or not the content is engaging enough on its own and the style feels reminiscent of films like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon so that may give you even more motivation to check it out!

Hopefully I’m doing better at being less pretentious with what I watch and my opinions.

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