Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★½

Film is a powerful medium capable of making change and you can never tell me otherwise. 

I watched this in the cinema with a couple of mates and it was the kind of film that when it finished we couldn’t get up and leave straight away, we had to sit down and think for a while to let the film sink in. And when we did get up and talk about it, it was an inspired kind of conversation, an emotional one, not some wishy washy analysis, we were all felt the same impact. I think that reaction alone proves that this is a powerful film that everyone should see. 

Shaka King carried his vision within every frame of this film. It was constantly bold and provocative right down to the strong visuals and the atmospheric score, it was all evocative of power and emotion, so that you constantly felt attached to the action. You felt immersed yet also on your guard the whole time because truly anything could happen at any moment. Although this film had no problem in keeping you emotionally engaged from start to finish the level of engagement and shock (the kind where you almost jump and you’re then frozen just watching everything else unfold and slowly begin to feel yourself getting emotional) that occurred in the final act was wow it was cathartic just pure catharsis. 

If you are a human being with emotions and feelings and a care for human rights then it is impossible for this film not to affect you in some way. It’s a powerful story told by a director with an equally powerful invasion and by actors who give insanely powerful performances (Lakeith is one of my favourite actors I love everything the man does) you really can’t miss this one.

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