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This review may contain spoilers.

Four times in one calendar year is my Letterboxd record. When we decided to start the Scream franchise for October, my daughter immediately shouted this one out as our first of the six. So, phew, here we went again 😁.

I can see why Scream detractors begrudge the franchise for those exhausting monologues -- and I can only assume Mindy gets to be a part of the next one if Christopher Landon has anything to say about it -- but how I rationalize it is the killers want to boast about how they pulled it all off, even if those they kill wouldn't remember it since they'd be dead...of course, talking so long only gave our heroes the chance to eventually gain the upper hand. I'm just happy this franchise provides younger generations their own heroes to follow. I'm curious if Landon will want to kill any of the Core Four. Radio Silence didn't have the heart to.

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