Dual ★★★½

Saw this in a theater and people were laughing in all the right spots. Really like the idea of being intimidated by a better version of yourself.

I feel ambivalent about the absurd dialogue and flattened delivery style. It works better in the comedic scenes, like when Sarah asks what her options are after receiving a terminal diagnosis and the doctor flatly lists off methods of burial. I found the tension building scenes a little tiring though. Thi is the same style Yorgos Lanthimos uses in The Lobster and The Killing of a Sacred Deer. The former movie worked better for me because I have a higher tolerance for weird line reads in comedy. Similarly, Riley Stearns's previous film, The Art of Self-Defense, works a little more for me than Dual.

Overall though this did make me laugh a decent amount. And it unfolds in a weird enough way that I found myself being sucked in to the story. I'm interested in whatever Stearns does next.