• Brooklyn



    Brooklyn is straight into my Top 5 Irish things alongside Guiness, Terry Wogan, House of Pain, and the Delorian.

    This is a film that is so blatantly out of date, yet totally of its time. A movie that is seemingly modest at first glance, but simply makes you hug someone you love and be thankful that you have them.

    Well acted, well directed and well written, Brooklyn is a film that is nigh on impossible not to love.

    At the…

  • The Glimmer Man

    The Glimmer Man

    Seagal strays away from 'the formula'.

    Thus fucking the one good thing that made him famous in the first place. He plays a psychic, believe it or not. This involves Seagal paying the same character as normal, only with a funky shirt, and some beads on. He spends way to much time contemplating and not enough time kicking butt.

    Which is a shame, as Wayans is decent. He provides some comedic appeal to proceedings, and there is a top notch fight near the end.

    Stick to seeking revenge Steven.

  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


    Indiana Jones and The Tricky Second Movie.

    Lets not beat around the bush here, Temple of Doom rarely scales the heights of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I say rarely, but the plane scene, and the collapsing bridge, are up there with the greatest ever Indiana Jones set-pieces. And in truth, all of the set-pieces are beautifully choreographed and always a joy to watch.

    However, as a movie it is still an obvious step down from its predecessor. Which isn't…

  • Terminator Genisys

    Terminator Genisys


    Terminator Genisys takes all of the worst bits from the seminal first Terminator movie and the benchmark second and puts them into a massive disappointment.

    But we all knew it would be, didn't we? We only went to see it because we all love Arnie, didn't we?

    He delivers a premium Schwarznegger performance, but it says something about a film when his robot is the the most charismatic thing in it. He brings his A game, and only J K…

  • Red Heat

    Red Heat


    Time has proven that it is very hard to make a truly bad Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

    Many have tried, yet only 2014's Sabotage achieved it.

    Red Heat is one of Arnold's most underrated works. Director Walter Hill's energetic and brilliant direction transform what might have been just another buddy cop movie into an electrifying piece of action escapism. His confidence keeps all of the formulaic and cliched moments entertaining.

    Equal praise needs to go to Arnie and James Belushi. They…

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


    Yeah, so it was made on a mega budget.

    But there is still lots and lots of genuine artistic flair on show. For what turned out to be the most expansive film series in the history of cinema, that first 70 minutes are pretty taught, linear and tense storytelling. For my money it’s the strongest hour in the whole saga.

    I will always remember that on my initial first viewing on DVD of this first instalment I was underwhelmed. On…

  • Flightplan



    The thing that always lets these types of movies down, is the fact that, the mystery is nearly aways more exciting than the truth.

    Well, and the fact that, nobody can out Hitchcock, Hitchcock..

    However, in this one Jodie Foster acts her arse off.

    She does a great job of keeping you interested, and this is a mystery that does keep you entertained.

    For three quarters of the film..

    Its sturdily written, and the rest of the cast deliver adequate…

  • The Shining

    The Shining


    On more than one occasion I have hailed The Shining as the scariest film ever made, mainly to be controversial.


    ...even today on this rewatch, 40 years after it’s release, that may not be that controversial a claim.

    Stunning acting, stunning visuals, a tight script and an unnerving score all combine to creep me the fuck out. If that almost constant humming in the score doesn't stick with you long before the film has finished, then you are a…

  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is a selection of all the best scenes, and action set pieces from the previous Terminator incarnations reshot and ramped up. And what can be shit about that??

    Well, not much actually.

    Terminator 3 lacks the grit of The Terminator, and also the sleek, cutting edge special effects of Judgment Day. It's basically one long exciting car chase. And what can be shit about that??

    Well, not much actually.

    Sadly though, it doesn't make a lot of sense, but when we get shit blowing up every 30 seconds and Claire Danes, who really cares?!

  • Thunderball



    The one where the gadgets started to dominate.

    This was made with a rather mighty budget of £5.5m, a huge amount in 1965, and it shows. Everything is shiny.

    The theme tune is outstanding. Tom Fucking Jones belts it out. Connery is now in cruise control, delivering classic Bondism's and kicking arse with spectacular cool.

    It's a Bond film that's better than most, but not as good as others. The underwater is finale is stunning and is a stand out moment. But you know, it's just a little slow compared to my favourites.

    Classic, but not as classic as some, Bond.

  • RED 2

    RED 2


    Retired yet still Extremely Great Actors.

    What a cast. It's the kind of cast that only a comic book movie can seem to deliver these days. Every single one of them look to be having a fantastic time during Red 2. And so might you.

    If indeed you like trashy fun. And don't mind the rather "comic book" trait of emotionless loss of life. People get killed and beaten up at the blink of an eye. And nobody seems bothered.…

  • Argo



    Well, well, well, this is quite a CV you are building Mr Affleck.

    Argo is fantastic. Straying away from his Boston comfort zone he handles this continent straddling true story with somewhat unnerving skill. Unnerving that is, to those who never fully appreciated this skill in his previous directorial work anyway. The early 80s setting is captured brilliantly. The beards, the suits, the hair and the music are perfectly matched. The tone changes through-out are dealt with expertly, and are…