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  • Casque d'Or
  • Phantom Thread

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  • La Cage aux Folles

    La Cage aux Folles


    Talk about procrastination…finally got around to this one time big hit*. As a 10-11 year old scouring the movie listings in the newspaper, the poster for this one always seemed to be there - with its French title and cartoony image of what one might think of as siamese twin drag queens. The first run screening in Toronto lasting close to a year before the rep cinemas cycled it through for years it seemed (not surprisingly running even longer in…

  • Elvira Madigan

    Elvira Madigan


    Can see how it would be easy for some critics to dismiss this tragic romance based on real life events in 19th Century Denmark as a superficial exercise in the picturesque that panders to the of the moment 1967 art house crowds with it's draft dodging make love not war message. Yet it holds up very well, unencumbered by the overt counter culture minded stylistic tics that found their way into other period set films of the sixties (Far From…

Recent reviews

  • The Rebel

    The Rebel


    From the playful to the ponderous the art world has always been great fodder for satire. This colourful Brit comedy, from The Green Man director Robert Day, is of the playful variety - following in the footsteps of the equally whimsical but more (hilariously) murderously malevolent Roger Corman 1959 film A Bucket of Blood. Decades later we’re still at it but to lesser effect - from expose (September 1993 - 60 minutes “Yes….but is it Art?) to sitcom response (January…

  • Best Seller

    Best Seller


    The singular Director Larry Cohen (only a screenwriter here) always brings a unique life to his trashy (he says with affection) projects. Cohen’s not much of a subtext guy, he’s incredibly direct and blunt - which doesn’t always service the material to the extent it could, particularly in the bigger budget mainstream projects he has some association with. Here, the anti-hero of sorts played by James Woods seems to make self-aware confessions as to his true disreputable nature every time…

Popular reviews

  • Corvette Summer

    Corvette Summer

    How big a Star Wars fan was I at ten years old? Let’s just say I bought the novelization of Corvette Summer.

  • The Incident

    The Incident


    This post Kitty Genovese murder (1964) and pre-Bernie Goetz vigilantism (1984) take on NYC urban dread and bystander indifference is a rather stark and mean affair. The black and white, low-budget, gritty location shot elements of it all is suggestive of NY set 60s films like Blast of Silence, Something Wild, The Young Savages (all 1961), The Pawnbroker (1964), or even the British made subway car set Dutchman from the same year. One on-line commentator suggested the film is strange…