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  • Twenty-Four Eyes
  • Wild Geese
  • Pastoral Symphony
  • Chair de Poule

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  • Searching for Bobby Fischer


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  • Death Laid an Egg

    Death Laid an Egg


    For films set in the world of agriculture, here I thought Michael Ritchie’s 1972 pulpy neo-noir Prime Cut was twisted and depraved - then I come across this Italy/France co-pro oddity. Most commentators seem to quibble on the right genre sub-category for this film but this chicken farm set mystery/horror, giallo or not, is deeply unsettling (if not oddly funny). The super aggressive Euro 60s art house stylistic tics assembled by director Giulio Questi (Django, Kill....If You Live Shoot!), editor…

  • The Crook

    The Crook


    The colourful musical opening (the film within the film) almost suggests a gangster spoof; but there's a rather serious and foreboding undercurrent that runs throughout this entertaining caper flick starring Jean Louis Trintignant as master thief Simon "the Swiss" Duroc (a surname borrowed from the more famous Trintignant/Claude Lelouch collaboration A Man and a Woman). The film has some significant (and sneaky) narrative ellipsis, but the non-linear approach is so imbedded you'll miss it if you are not on your…

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  • Blue Steel

    Blue Steel


    Half watched back in the day but spurred on to (re)check out this one by the various positive reassessments that have looked at it through the various lenses of auteurism, genre(s), style and formal technique, commentaries on various social matters like sex, violence, feminism be it through the text or the subtext etc., etc. - but in the end, there’s really no escaping it - this movie is completely idiotic.

  • Night River

    Night River


    Kōzaburō Yoshimura‘s 1957 Night Butterflies is a spectacular looking colour film but this measured and sensitive romantic melodrama is at whole different level with its exceptional use of colour. Enough to inspire me to create this list: Japan 1950s Top 25 Colour Films

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  • Corvette Summer

    Corvette Summer

    How big a Star Wars fan was I at ten years old? Let’s just say I bought the novelization of Corvette Summer.

  • The Incident

    The Incident


    This post Kitty Genovese murder (1964) and pre-Bernie Goetz vigilantism (1984) take on NYC urban dread and bystander indifference is a rather stark and mean affair. The black and white, low-budget, gritty location shot elements of it all is suggestive of NY set 60s films like Blast of Silence, Something Wild, The Young Savages (all 1961), The Pawnbroker (1964), or even the British made subway car set Dutchman from the same year. One on-line commentator suggested the film is strange…