Zodiac ★★★★½

93/100 Excellent

Crazy mystery film that has alot of interesting ideas. I still can't believe that this case went on for so long and how crazy this killer was attached to his life of crime. The film itself shows how devastating this killer was and how people reacted to it. I was initially lower with my score but thinking about it more I couldn't feel I had as many problems. My only real problem is the constant jumping through time. There are a few points in the movie that left me a bit confused of when certain events are happening. I will go over how this didn't do it for me at these times but the rest of the film went in very interesting directions. Let me clarify that if you come to see the Zodiac kill through the whole film then you probably will be disappointed. He does commit murder a few times in the film and they spend almost the whole movie focused on these people trying to catch him. I love that they did this as we got the chance to see how insane this killer was enough to understand motivations. They didn't even need to go too deep into showing the crazy things that Zodiac did. The mystery itself was insane with the Zodiac coded messages and all these clues that point to people and there still weren't any matches. Even as we know that the Zodiac hasn't been caught, its heartbreaking when you see these people try and catch him when we know it won't happen.

I really love how this movie was able to cover such a big chunk of time. It all came down to the editing and even as I have said a few points didn't work I feel they absolutely nailed it. It helped give this film a faster pace that I like when knowing this film was a little over 2 1/2 hours. I felt almost everything they went over was the right stuff as these sequences from the zodiac to the personal life of individuals felt like they mattered to keep me intrigued with the film. I love the performances of this film too. RDJ comes in and nails the role along with one of my favorite actors Jake Gyllenhaal. Both of their characters have different approaches with the Zodiac killer and I like how it takes us through each of their lives. My favorite was of course Gyllenhaals character as we get to slowly see him become more obsessed with catching the killer. As we go through with this, and thanks to the big jumps through time, we can understand how this ended with him losing just about everything. RDJ's character shows us how the Zodiac could break people's limits. We see as he doesnt take this seriously then grow in frustrations of the Zodiac threats. I also love Mark Ruffalo's character and exploration of his obsession. We can see it in similarity with Gyllenhaals character but what would happen when trying to bring others to care as much as him. This film over the little time I had to think about has stuck with me. It's such a crazy film with so many good and interesting properties.

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