RRR ★★★★½

Rank Value: 92

2022 Ranking

Rise Roar Revolt blew away my expectations and delivered one of the most entertaining action films I have seen in recent memory. A near perfect example of how to utilize a three hour runtime with such style and intricacy that works on so many levels. Visceral action sequences and dance numbers spread throughout an epic story to deliver so many exciting and emotional moments. Does a great job establishing conflict with a pair of charming and compelling lead characters helming the heart of the narrative. The two lead actors have incredible chemistry which settles in for a funny and sincere relationship to follow in the absurd yet vastly entertaining moments. Pulls on the heartstrings quite often till the films final moments. The film features some of my favorite sequences of the year thanks to the performances, music, direction, and storytelling combining with such ease and satisfaction to make an awesome experience. One of my favorites of the year. Please don't sleep on this.

Recommendation: Must See!!!

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