Encanto ★★★★

Rank Value: 85

2021 Ranking

I genuinely didnt really have Encanto in my mind to check out, but I am beyond surprised that I genuinely loved this film. It's a perfect example of a simple premise executed brilliantly while adding visual splendor, very realized and relatable characters, and a great sense of adventure despite the limitations. For me personally, I do feel that the film never really found it's full potential, probably because of the limitations of only being 90 minutes long, yet I am still astounded that what was give really worked. I also really liked that this film had no intentions of being the best disney film but rather just a fun and emotional experience. It's most likely why I really connected with the film more than I would have. I love the themes explored about family expectations, purpose, and responsibility in this film and how the film leaves a distinct mark on its messaging. The film as a whole was emotional and fun, and I really recommend it.

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