Spencer ★★★★★

To put it plainly, I did not want this to end. It’s been some time since I’ve dreaded the ending of a film and I truly did not want to leave this world of beautiful images & raw storytelling. I felt it all, the claustrophobia, the iciness (and not just bc of the theater), the surveillance, the weight of the world...and all of this through STUNNING colors + angles.

My favorite and initial takeaway from Spencer is the warmth of love translated on screen between anyone who shared genuine love for Diana. This, in contrast to coldness being a theme, I loved how palpable the few pockets of warm adoration felt. These performances, my my my.

This film will undoubtedly do well, but the flowers are well deserved. I mean, this collaboration achieved so much with every detail and left us with stills for DAYS to drool over.

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