Logan ★★★½

The Wolverine was a massive step up in quality from the shit show of Origins, we again get a huge step up to a film that finally feels like what a Wolverine movie should be.
I have a love/hate relationship with this film it seems to get so much right but it eventually heads in a direction that completely lost me. I absolutely loved the first 40 minutes of this film, it had a simple plot which focused on the depressing nature of Logan's current life and setup a villain to be his adversary for the film. The plot than expands to become more convoluted, and starts to lose itself and become something it really shouldn't be. There's a certain moment which is so jarring and weird that lost me completely and it couldn't quite recover from it.
Despite the plot, they still absolutely nail the character of Logan in what is the best on screen portrayal of the character. He’s a man that has given up on life and they show this incredibly well in the movie. It has some fantastic action sequences which finally show Wolverine's brutality in full glory and might be some of the best action sequences in a superhero film. It’s a shame this might be the only R rated Wolverine film we ever get.
I give it credit for being unique and different but it seems to go too far in places. It’s a satisfying end to Hugh Jackman's Logan and the film he deserved after so many let downs.

PS - I would love to see a full movie of him doing the job he does to make money at the start of the movie.

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