Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

In “Scream VI” the brutality of the franchise is renewed with a dose of truculence that surpasses the previous ones and elevates the quality of the horror which is inherent in the suspense of someone masked killing in series.

One could argue that the “Scream” formula is eroding with the repetition of the elements that rightly made the first film a game-changer, but, in fact, this film proves that the franchise remains solid with vivid increments in each part they add more to the universe of this peculiar mythology.

In this episode, for example, the differential is not only in the new faces that appear since the previous film to reinvigorate the story and communicate with a new generation, but also in the setting, since, as it takes place in NY, the tension is more palpable, believable and harrowing.

Scream still frightens, it causes laughter, it is still meta-linguistic and, above all, it sustains the “whodunnit” that gravitates at its core with respectable scale. For all these reasons, it is unlikely to lose its charm any time soon.

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