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  • Metalhead



    ülke ruleti | VIII | izlanda

    the poster and the plot were really good and i enjoyed how the movie starts but then it went downhill. full of stupid metal stereotypes, incomprehensible dialogs, and lack of talent on literally everything.

  • The Daydreams of Miss Attraction

    The Daydreams of Miss Attraction


    cazibe hanım kadar kendimle bağdaştırdığım başka bir karakter var mıdır bilemiyorum: anne baskısından kafayı yemiş, kendi hayal dünyasında yaşıyor, son derece yalnız ve son derece horny

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  • Moonlight



    LISTEN, lonely kids break my heart so much cuz my brother was one of them and these kind of stuff always makes me remember what he went through. so you can imagine me crying my eyes out where chiron was eating alone, beaten, made fun of... anyways besides that, this movie was a NEED to this world. it was real, bitter and heart breaking.

  • Friends: The Reunion

    Friends: The Reunion

    jumpscare: justin bieber