Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★½

A great beginning helps the enjoyable movie Bullet Train overcome a confusing one. Cameos, outrageous set pieces, and a lot of hand-to-hand action are all throughout the movie. Johnson & Henry steal the show as a badass who is trying to find a new direction in his rage in the film, which stars Pitt. The movie has a ton of hand-to-hand fighting, crazy set pieces, and cameos. With its action, the movie reminds me of a cross between Wick & Kingsman. The wackiness of the climax is too over-the-top, but the humour throughout kept me interested. With its wide range of genres, the movie essentially has it all, yet the crazy characters are constantly in the spotlight. The pace is fast & the finale contains one enormous exposition dump. As a result, I was treated to an unexpected thrill rush that never strives to be anything other than a crazy action movie.

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