Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Never Rarely Sometimes Always ★★★★

Excellent acting by the two leads, played by Talia Ryder & Sidney Flanagan.  With limited dialogue, you still feel every emotion, the long unflinching camera on Autumn’s face (Sidney Flanagan) when she has to answer the questionnaire which is behind the film’s title is particularly powerful, compelling and upsetting.  In fact the film isn’t an easy watch and it’s frustrating & traumatic at times to see vulnerable teens in danger but this is what makes the film’s message so powerful.  The reality of an unwanted pregnancy by a gentle & confused teen really exposes the current  failings of American society and healthcare.   There’s also a powerful portrayal of female friendship but again this is seen rather than verbally expressed. The film is shot like a beautifully crafted documentary. Director, Eliza Hitman stunning, realistic film is definitely worth seeing.  

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