Sick ★★★★★

Is that Jacob Elordi’s lil baby back bitch brother from The Kissing Booth?

If I hear another phone chime go off I’m going to off myself.

Gideon Adlon is so sexy. 

The twist— I’m dead. I love it. I laughed so many times and gasped even more. 

I’m sorry but how the fuck am I supposed to take you serious, girl? You have a half up half down prom hairdo from 2006. You look like you sell Avon. You look like you count your children’s calories. You look like you’re on the pta. You look like you call your period your “mensies.” You look like you shop at Sprouts. You look like you don’t tip your servers. You look like you’ve never had an orgasm. 

10/10. I really liked this.

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