Spencer ★★★★★

“It’s not only me that loves you.”

tw // discussion of eating disorders and suicide

It’s easy to feel alone in the world. It’s easy to feel trapped and as though the world is caving in on you, and that nobody else can help. It’s easy to listen to the voice of the shadow which follows you around, acting as a warning of what you might become. And the glares you get from everyone around you lets you think that maybe you deserve it. So you don’t run. You accept it. It becomes part of who you are. Every time that I’ve forced myself into not eating anything for a day, I’ve felt like this. Every time that I’ve thought about taking my own life, I’ve felt like this. It’s because I feel like I don’t deserve anything better. And every time I do this, a feel a part of me slip away. Because I’ve given in to the glares and the voice. But you’re not alone. You never are. There’s always someone waiting for you. Waiting to listen about how your day was, and remind you that you do deserve something better, that you deserve to be loved. Not for what others want you to be, but for who you are. Someone who reminds you to just run. Because there will always be someone at the finishing line, waiting for you. And as you return to them, and see them watching you, you remember that their glare is the only one that matters.

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