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  • Torture Dungeon

    Torture Dungeon


    All of my experiences watching Andy Milligan have been the same. For the first twenty minutes or so, I am totally on board and charmed by the low-rent gore, flowery dialogue, and dinner theatre-like aesthetic and acting. Milligan is great at hooking me in early. But by a half hour into it, the novelty wears out and the film just drones on. Torture Dungeon was no exception. I appreciated the ambition, as always, and the colorful Ren faire costumes were silly fun. It's all trash, though.

  • Common Law Wife

    Common Law Wife


    When Linda starts to age out of her sugar daddy's interest, she slaps him with some legal jargon about common law marriage before he can successfully kick her out of his house. But that won't stop him from carrying on with his much younger niece, Baby Doll. Not that Baby Doll is so innocent. She has some lascivious plans of her own for her sister's husband, the sheriff. You can see how all this can only lead to trouble, right?…

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  • The Toxic Avenger

    The Toxic Avenger


    The only avenger that matters.

  • Blood Shack

    Blood Shack


    Carolyn Brandt worship. Artful wide shots of temperamental desert rats. Family fun at the rodeo. A spectre that haunts a dilapidated shanty on a barren ranch, sword in hand.

    Blood Shack feels like a very personal film. Ray Dennis Steckler photographs his ex-wife playing herself amidst a lifeless, dusty landscape in a way that is both admiring and wistful. The walls of the house are covered in posters of the pair's older movies like The Thrill Killers and Incredibly Strange…