First Cow

First Cow ★★★★★

every time i manage to persuade myself that slow films are not my speed (and pointedly ignore that columbus is my favorite film of all time, closely followed behind by minari), there always seems to be something around that convinces me otherwise, however short a time that is. it seems first cow is the latest in a line of those, and honestly, i might sit with it for a while longer than i normally do. for some reason, i weirdly want to live in this moment.

it is there, ingrained in the rustic detail. lingering with the scent of a fresh buttermilk biscuit sat on a sill, gathering into a pile of foraged goods, recovering with a bundle of sticks fashioned into a whisk, it stays soft, friendship in the form of a guiltless grift.

"two corpses we were, two corpses i saw."

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