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  • Jersey



    So after Preeti, Kabir Singh went after Cricket. /s
    Jokes apart, amazing acting, direction, cinematography and the music is just out of the world heavenly.
    I have not seen the original but this one really touched my heart.
    Shahid Kapoor is such a talented actor. Still got some Kabir singh vibes from his character in this movie.
    To anyone reading this review, never give up on your dreams!
    This movie should have made more money in the box office.

  • Aparajito - The Undefeated

    Aparajito - The Undefeated


    As an adult I first watched Pather Panchali on April 25th, 2018. I have obviously seen it many times as a child, but as an adult experiencing it was unique because I could fully appreciate the movie.
    Aparajito on the other hand celebrates the life of Lifetime achievement Oscar winning director Mr. Satyajit Ray. Funny how even the last movie I watched was Nayak by Mr. Ray. The cinematography is great in this movie and Jeetu Kamal is perfectly casted…

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  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    Truly a masterpiece. This sci-fi movie never gets old. The original plot,the dialogues,the special effects,the metaphors,the discrepancy between dream and reality. Even after all these years it has not lost its charm.I have seen this movie previously but I never managed to see it completely for some or the other reason and I had very faint memories of it. But this time a more matured version of me is just awestruck by this movie.

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    #96th movie of 2018
    The most anticipated film for like 10 years. Avengers :Infinity War.
    First Day,First show at Cinepolis,Acropolis (9:45 am)
    and it's disappointing.
    Surely its better than Age of ultron but its not one of marvel's best movies.
    Most of the jokes were unfunny...like probably 60% of them...!!
    There were some great moments in there but it was happening all too fast which is why none of the characters develop well(same problem that age of…