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  • Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

    Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

    Imagine making a 160-minute epic movie with creative constraints like this: you only have a couple million dollars because of film board discrimination. You can only shoot at certain times of the year because otherwise it’s so cold your camera shuts off, and you can’t afford (or physically use) celluloid film at all—and it’s 1999, so digital video is a very limited option. You’re shooting on location, with all natural light, hoping every day for the right weather, and you…

  • Inception


    Christopher Nolan, DGA: All right, I like this, this is good, but it is coming in a little long. 

    Lee Smith, ACE: It is. It is. I know the studio wants it under three hours—

    Nolan: Yeah, what about that thing you showed me last week? Where you kind of cut every single shot in the movie half a second short?

    Smith: What? No. No I was joking. 

    Nolan: I know, but it’s kind of, like, it has an excitement…