Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith ★★★½


Ranking: 5th 

Trilogy Ranking: 1st (By a million miles)

One word to describe this film: Tragic

Notes and quotes:

“Sith Lords are our specialty”
Um you got so wrecked the last fight with Dooku...
Good thing Anakin’s powers have doubled since the last time they’d met... according to him at least.

I never noticed Dooku’s hands just lying on the floor after his head gets cut off lol

I think it’s interesting that Padme and Anakin have that bit where Anakin says “I’m tired of hiding and I don’t care if people know anymore” followed up by the announcement of Padme’s pregnancy. Referring back to my episode 2 review, the main thing that I think just keeps driving their forbidden commitment to each other is all of these events that just keep digging their hole deeper, to The point of no return.

First, They end up having this first kiss together on Naboo, (that Anakin is sOoO hAuNtEd by) then, they wind up being sentenced to death together, and then and they get married, and then Padme gets pregnant. That hole gets dug so deep, and he becomes so attached to Padme that when he loses her, it makes so much more sense why he would turn to the dark side and leave the Jedi, because he's already given up his own morals and oaths to the Jedi for her. 

Padme says, “Have you ever considered that we’ve been playing on the wrong side” which I think gives Anikan all the more reason to ask Padme the same on Mustafar, after he has turned to the dark side.

I think Palpatine is definitely an overrated character, but man Ian McDirmand really shines in Episode 3. I think he does the best job out of anybody else. Maybe second to Ewan McGregor.

“The dark ways of the Sith are a path to powers that some consider to be unnatural” is a very cool line, and should NOT have been repeated in Episode 9. 

Wild bantha chase is wild goose chase in the SW universe. He he

Commander Cody To Obi Wan: “Cmon when have I ever let you down?”
15 minutes later...

Is that little device implied to be a “dream replay” system? Is that what that means?

Grievous is SO bad in this... Ugh it’s such a disappointment compared to the 2003 clone wars.

Once again, Ian McDirmand in the scene where Anakin pulls his lightsaber on him.

Why do we only get sad music for Obi wan’s lizard falling down and not Grievous’s dope bike???

Mace Windu never trusted Anakin. Since the beginning, even when he was lil 9 year old Annie. He didn’t approve of his training. I think that’s really cool that it’s Mace Windu of all people who is with Anakin at the point of no return, when he has to choose the dark or the light. Maybe Anakins resent for him made it a little easier to kill mace Windu. If it’d been Obi Wan, I don’t know if he’d have the will to do it. Makes Mace Windu a lot cooler of a character imo.

I’m actually not a fan of the weird palpatine voice changing effects. I get that it’s his “force masking” or whatever but... they’re just kinda dumb.

Without the Act 3, this movie is pretty bad. Like everything is pretty boring up to this point. Nonetheless, Act 3 is REALLY good.

I get emotional every time during the order 66 montage. 

“Love won’t save you padme. Only my new powers.” 
That last conversation with Padme isn’t a bad scene. There’s nothing weird about it... only this line, but even this makes sense to his character. He even nods to overthrowing palpatine so he can be with padme. The bad stuff starts with obi wan and Anikan, like “if you’re not with me then you’re my enemy.”

The mustafar fight is overrated, but not bad by any means... the saber spinning and the force push vs force push are really the only stupid parts.

This time time yoda doesn’t unsheathe his lightsaber by forcing it to his other hand... he just reaches over And grabs it this time.

Yoda can both reflect lighting, absorb and force it back out as a blast/knockback Effect, and just absorb and sort of “dim it out”. Why wouldn’t he choose to reflect it and actually have a bolt hit palpatine instead of using the knockback effect which did nothing to him?

“From my point of view the Jedi are evil.”
Ok yeah... that’s bad.

Medical droid: “OOBA OOBA”

The squeaking noise after Vader’s helmet is put on is amongst the most satisfying sounds.

The Darth Vader scene is hands down the crowning jewel of the movie.

Padme’s funeral music v good
But when leais theme comes in as a baby is better!!!