Moonlight ★★★★★

having watched this before, I wasnt really able to find the appreciation that so many people find when it comes to Moonlight, until last night.

This movie is gritty, and very real, drawn-out, and has a very somber tone, but towards the second act, I realized I had become absolutely mesmerized by this movie.

The way the script was written was absolutely phenomenal. The second "chapter" studied Chiron very deeply, he was a very good depiction of gay black masculinity in our current time. I am not either of those but I think the least I can say is that I have been moved. There was not a single line out of place.

The plot may be considered as nonexistent and weak, but I think otherwise. I cant articulate how meaningful this film is to me, even though I really have no spiritual connection to the events and people portrayed and studied. It is split up into 3 parts, just like how our lives can be seen to have "chapters," and the simplicity of the plot makes the movie so much more powerful.

When the Oscars arrived after 2016, there were a lot of discrepancies about the black and African-American community's films not being nominated. But this, not only is it a deep dive into masculinity, could honestly be considered a masterpiece and deserved more than the awards it won.