Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★½

King Kong was a film of my childhood, as I've stated before it was monster films like '33 Kong, the Godzilla series and Jurassic Park that sparked my interest in cinema.
While this is not nearly as epic as the Peter Jackson film or the 1933 classic, this is a fun popcorn flick. If I saw this around the age I was obsessed with monster films I'm sure I would've loved it.

The film felt like there was more to it that had to be cut out, as an example some characters were just kinda there.

John C. Riley steals the show and makes it more entertaining but other than that the characters are fine.

The music was great with all the Vietnam era songs and I liked the 70s atmosphere and all the color (something that seems to be missing in recent Blockbusters).

Kong was cool but felt more like a guy in a suit and less of an ape. I get why they did this because they're trying to do their own Kaiju-verse with this and Godzilla so I suppose I can let it slide.

Not bad but really nothing more than just a way to kill two hours. If you want a monster film with the famous ape that's also a great film watch the Peter Jackson or the original.

6.0 (out of 10).

The end credits scene made my inner fanboy happy as a clam. Gonna be dope to see King Ghidorah again.

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