What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows ★★★★

Watching Shadows made me realize how Christopher Guest always makes a point of creating pretty high stakes for his characters. Shadows pretty much fails in the stakes (ha, pun) department; but I was so charmed and amused by the characters that I didn't really care. (Personally, I'd watch Shadows again over any Guest-directed film.)

It also occurred to me that mockumentary creators should have some level of genuine affection for their subject matter (or maybe I just prefer it that way). With the exception of A MIGHTY WIND (my favorite of Guest's films) I'd argue that this is a weakness of Guest's filmography. But it's a strength of SHADOWS. I don't know how much Clement and Waititi love vampires; but I think they do have fun with - without making fun of - the more arcane vampire lore.

I also liked how they selectively used special effects. Everything is so lo-fi, like they went to a second hand shop in the morning and starting shooting that afternoon. And then you get that scene in the convenience store with Nick showing off his vampire skillz. Or Vlad's face on a cat's body. Then again, I loved how intentionally bad the flying effects were.

Also: Stu. And: werewolves.

Mostly, I laughed a lot and just about always had a smile on my face.

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