It's a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life ★★★★★

Things I noticed this time:

The big one I can't believe I never put together before:
The first defining moment of George Bailey's life is diving in the icy water to save his brother; and Clearance has him do it again to save himself.

How good is Samuel Hinds in his two brief scenes as Pa Bailey?

All the portraits that Potter has of himself hanging in his office and his home.

Love the scene where Potter offers George a job. It's been done plenty of times before and since, I suppose, but having the movie's villain be the single person who is able to articulate and sympathize with George's lifelong frustrations like that is such a brilliant stroke.

When George comes home from The Worst Day Ever and he kicks over the big model bridge in his makeshift office, there a bunch of 8x10 photos taped to the wall. Pretty sure it's the cast's head shots. The benefits of seeing the movie not just for the 25th time, but seeing it on a big screen for the first time.

New favorite moment: when George is (re)-introduced to Mary at the school dance. The stunned look on Stewart's face when he sees her through the crowd before we get the first shot of Reed. It's the kind of moment that you can only really appreciate after you've seen the movie and fallen in love with it. He's not just seeing a girl, he's seeing his future.

The guy who says "We'll wait for you, baby" to Gloria Graeme's Violet when she ditches him for George. One of my favorite one line performances.

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