Sleepwalkers ★★★★

A few weeks before I turned 17, I asked my mom if she’d go see this with me, as I needed a chaperone to get into an R-rated movie. She refused, on principle, insisting that I could see it legally when I turned 17. I made a bit of a fuss, telling her it would be gone by the time I turned 17, and that we didn’t spend enough time together, just the two of us. When she refused again, I stormed out, shadowed a random adult at the box office (“yeah, that’s my dad getting popcorn over there”), and ended up seeing it anyway.

About ten minutes in, when it’s revealed just how close the mother and son are, I thanked the sweet lord for having the wisdom to bless my life with such a principled woman, thus sparing me the unbearably awkward experience that screening would surely have caused.

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