Missing ★★★★

I love Searching so so much and so I was pretty hesitant about this when it was announced. I thought Searching was lightning in a bottle and absolutely genius. Thankfully, Missing is no different as it features all what made Searching so great.

It’s so clever in the way it visually delivers or withholds information to the audience. Combine this with a smart lead character you genuinely care for and you get a seriously engrossing watch that you can’t take your eyes off of. Despite the constant stream of new narrative beats and twists, you never really feel like you have all the pieces of the puzzle because it’s part of a larger picture. This means that you are consistently engaged and clamouring for what comes next in the mystery.

I love it so much when movies that look gimmicky or shouldn’t work are really great, because behind the camera there is a really talented team of creatives. If they make a third, I won’t doubt them for a second.

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