Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★

Malcolm & Marie holds beautiful cinematography and two spectacular performances from Zendaya and John David Washington. Besides that, there isn't much else this film offers in the positive department.

This entire film feels like Eminem releasing Kamikaze as a response to the criticism of Revival. It feels like someone being insecure and having a not-so-subtle whine. It's rare that Malcolm and Marie feel like real characters because it is so obvious that Sam Levinson is venting some personal issues he has through them. When the credits roll, I couldn't give a toss about where their relationship ends up or what happens next because it feels like these two people cease to exist due to Sam Levinson finally being done playing with his puppets.

At the end of the day, this is not an awful film but like what is it trying to do and who is it for? Who's going to rewatch this or point to it with having a high form of insight? I love it when films come along that cause debate, but this thing's politics and messages are in complete shambles.

And this is all coming from someone who liked Assassination Nation.

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