Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★½

Exodus: Gods and Kings is surprisingly not a complete failure. It's more of a mixed bag for me.

There are some epic moments of grand proportions with hundreds of extras. I can always appreciate a massive production like this. It's visually stunning and very good technically. Christian Bale is good as Moses and pretty much carried the film for me.

The faults come from just how bland it feels to me for majority of the film. The plagues and red sea sequences are great but I never felt like the film was trying especially hard to make something special. It felt like a product, like a studio hadn't made a 'historical epic' in while. Another thing that probably won't bother some other people is the portrayal of God. Straight away I felt really iffy about it and that feeling never went away. This was an aspect I felt was lacking in regards to it feeling bland. If this is meant to be THE God, creator of the universe, I never felt the overwhelming power of God. It may be unfair to compare this film to The Prince of Egypt, but compare the amazing transformative overwhelming scene where Moses talks to God for the first time in that film compared to the same scene in Exodus: Gods and Kings. It just feels so underwhelmingly meh.

This isn't an awful film and I prefer it to Aronofsky's Noah that's for sure. But I mean seriously, I'm never going to watch this over The Prince of Egypt.

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