Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

You may notice I've logged this twice. That is not an error. I unexpectedly got to catch the 4:15 showing with about a dozen people in the theater. It was a transcendent experience. I walked outside as the sun was about to set feeling uplifted and grateful. I immediately knew I was going to see the 7:15 showing. I have never done that before in my life.

The first viewing simultaneously washed over me and whipped and throttled me around. I laughed and cried. But I knew I had to see it with the largest audience possible and I was right. I got to enjoy the laughter and gasps and completely silent awe in a packed house and it was glorious.

This is a movie stuffed with possibly hundreds of sly references to movies I love and yet it feels like the most original movie I've seen in probably two decades. I've seen movies deftly swing from raucous humor to deep emotions and empathy and sadness before, but never like this. You're literally laughing your ass off at a line or moment, only for that same moment to linger vulnerably and make you feel every emotion all at once. The Daniels play these moments like a virtuoso violinist, or the best yo-yo'er in the world. And there's always a handful of other crazy shit they're throwing at you on top of all this, scene after scene.

Michelle Yeoh somehow tops her legendary status and gives one of the funniest, emotional, captivating performances of this century. And fellow legend Ke Huy Quan, Data and Short Round himself, returns to acting like he never left, in a role that had me cracking up and brought me to tears, reminding me of the sweet, kind man my dad was. Stephanie Hsu is absolutely tremendous, and Jamie Lee Curtis and James Hong just bolster this legends only tour de force.

I know you're seeing this getting raves on Letterboxd, and I don't want to create unrealistic expectations, but I have to say. Believe the hype. See this in theaters with a big audience. You'll have a blast, I can promise you that.

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