Death Note

Death Note

Ok, now let's talk about this piece of shit.

It kinda feels like when I watched Power Rangers earlier this year. It was highly criticized only for the trailers, and still, I had hope. But fuck my hope, I was wrong again.

Look, I never watched the anime or read the manga, so I cannot criticize the adaptation. But even ignoring that, this movie is an absolute mess from top to bottom.

I am one of the people who thinks that anime should never be adaptated to live-action. Especially "Hollywood live-action". Because there is stuff that only works in cartoons. That's why Dragon Ball: Evolution didn't work. That's why The Last Airbender didn't work. That's why Ghost In The Shell didn't work (and this one could have worked if it had been better written).

When you take something like Death Note and you bring it to real life, it's ridiculous. When you take something like Death Note and you americanize it to death, it's ridiculous. Now, add to the mix a cast of actors who don't even know what the word "acting" means, a director who seems to have no idea what he's doing and one of the writers OF FANT-FUCKING-FOUR-STIC, FOR FUCK'S SAKE... if you do all of this, well... your movie is going to kinda suck.

I swear to God, if I had a Death Note, I'd write the names of all the people who appear during the credits.

Except for Willem Dafoe. I love Willem Dafoe.

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