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samantha jang

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  • A Ghost Story
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  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    i’m really glad that i watched this movie with my mum because a lot of the subjects addressed were relatable and surprisingly personal. throughout the movie she would point out similar korean traditions to the chinese customs which were beautifully depicted on the screen. i really admired this factor of cultural accuracy and Lulu Wang couldn’t have done a more wonderful job at addressing culture-conflict in The Farewell.

    as a second generation Korean, Australian born and currently living in America,…

  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    rumi-chan really said: 

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    okok but anyways holy cow, my jaw was on the floor for the entire movie. although this plot is obviously fictional, i was impressed with the several realistic elements included which portrayed how women in the entertainment industry are often treated due to generalised, misogynistic stereotypes and expectations. 
    as i type this review with shaky hands, i can confidently say that this movie exceeded my expectations. 

    extremely eye-opening, disturbing and unsettling. 

    also big shoutout to @CoolHarrison for showing me where i can watch this movie :)