Blade Runner ★★★★½

This movie is a vibe holy shit. 

Blade Runner is legitimately worth the watch for the visuals alone. The lighting, framing, and production design are some of the most beautiful ever in a sci-fi movie, or any movie for that matter. Every single frame in this film is fucking gorgeous. Jordan Cronenweth’s cinematography, combined with a beautiful and memorable score by Vangelis, will leave you in a trance. The score here contributes to the world-building just as much as the visuals in some scenes. 

The story is also extremely captivating. I was instantly transported into this world and didn’t want to leave it for a second, even after the credits began to roll. It’s a beautiful and tragic story about humanity, and the power of human connection. I can’t wait to give this a rewatch after checking out 2049. Villeneuve has a lot to live up to and I’m excited to see what he’s got in store. 


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