Once Upon a Time in America

Once Upon a Time in America ★★★★★

What a long night lmao. I started the movie maybe fifteen minutes past 10 o’clock pm and finished it at 2:45 AM. Not gonna lie this was amazing to experience a life unfold (?). Everything about this was just beautiful, the dialogue, costumes, cinematography, acting, and set design. It felt all so real it was pretty intense at times too which I appreciated.

Personally the movie is one of my new favorites of all time. I am not sure exactly what it is I watched, and I love that. I dont really like Leone’s other films, but always appreciated them. The only “disappointment” I had was I was really looking forward to the score of the film since it’s highly regarded as one of the finest composed scores in cinematic history, but it just didn’t click with me much, although it was still fairly good I just expected something more. I can’t really complain about it that much.

This is sort of those movies where you gotta pay attention to detail, which seems difficult for a four hour feature. I did find it easy to follow along and I can tell Leone left the film to be ambiguous with the narrative, so a lot is kinda left up to your imagination. The movie now sits on my top 10 favorite crime films. I do recommend you watch the movie with a clear schedule and maybe alone cause it’s pretty graphic and sometimes disturbingly too graphic.

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