The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions ★★★

Loading up on all the ammunition a country can carry, and having nearly a country's worth of characters, The Matrix finally comes to a close. Well, until they couldn't leave well enough alone and made Resurrections.

Half of this movie seemed to forget our usual suspects. Morpheus doesn't even feel like a main character anymore. He is barely here, and I mean BARELY, also contributing nothing of value.

Instead, we beefed up on useless side characters, one after another, after another, after another. I'm not kidding: the entire second act is the war with all these names you will soon forget just littering the battlefield with bullets and scrap metal.

The whole affair felt, to me, like a Star Wars prequel. We're forced to endure shallow arcs, of which hold no grounds over the main conflict.

Thankfully, when it IS dealing with Neo and Trinity, there's a familiar sense of stakes, and their dealings are handled in a much more tasteful manner. The action sequences are still AWESOME. Neo's final confrontation with Smith in the rain reminds me of something pulled from Dragon Ball Z, and you know I'm giving high praise when I bring that franchise up.

The Matrix Revolutions ended in ways that made sense and brought the war down by the most plausible means. Neo's near Christ-like identity grew even stronger with allusions brought forth from dialog exchanges and world influence.

This was the perfect ending to an astronomically epic trilogy, and did not need a fourth iteration, from where I'm standing.

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