The Little Things

The Little Things ★★★

Enormously underwhelming. Always a fan of a murder mystery, always a fan of the three leads here. Yet at every turn, every opportunity, the film seems to be phoning itself in.

When it comes to making a good crime drama about police and detectives following a string of murders, you have to give a flair of mystery to it. That's like rule #1 in this sub-genre. Keep us guessing, throw clues at us to keep the interest fueled. This simply does not.

The writing doesn't allow the characters or the stakes to develop in any meaningful way, or at all. Because this is a two hour feature film, it constantly feels like it's a bloated version of what it should be, rather than justified in any of its actions.

Denzel, Rami, and Jared are all fine here, yet I'm unfortunately forced to compare to other much superior performances. Sadly, because of the characters and their poorly put together backgrounds, none of them can really shine as they should.

The Little Things is the first new release of 2021 I anticipated and was able to view. We're not off to a great start, but I have hope that'll change.

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